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June 2014

"I have known Kim Ang Gibbs since mid 2013. Thanks to her excellent sound advice and kind support in the beginning stages of my husband's New Zealand visa application, that my husband was able to secure his New Zealand Temporary Work Visa (Partnership-Based) . She handheld us through my husband's entire visa application process. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to immigrate to New Zealand. She is an expert in her field of work, a thorough professional and will give you realistically sound information and tell you about your chances of success at the beginning of the process itself. Given Kim's personal approach, timely manner, integrity and work ethic, I am sure that very soon she'll have a very long list of satisfied clients. We also plan to use her services when my husband applies for a residency visa, that's how confident we are in her abilities. I thank her for all the support and wish her the very best and continued success in all her current and future endeavours."

Jenna (and Mantas)

December 2013

Dear Kim-Ang,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and Matt, for all the work that you have done for the Cambodian community, by acting as out immigration agents to bring Buddhist monks to work in our two temples.  Your work has been recognised and appreciated by the whole community who can now look forward to always having well qualified monks to care for their religious wellbeing.  I wish you both good health, success in business, and long lives.

- The Venerable Pramaha Suthep Sudevo - Abbot, New Zealand 


May 2014

Hi Kim

I would like to say thank you for your hard work in making my immigration [residence] application a successful one.  Your knowledge of the process has been of great help in making this happen.

Best Regards,

- S. Heng

May 2014

I was recommended to the Gibbs Immigration Services via a friend up in Tauranga. I am based in Lower Hutt and to have a connection there was wonderful.

As soon as I approached them they led me through the process to Residency,  step by step. Their simple instructions gave me confidence to continue with the journey!  It takes time, but every bit of counsel along the way was well worth it! I highly recommend their professionalism and personal care. They will walk the path with you! 

If I had friends needing help I would immediately send them their way! Don't delay - contact them today.

- L. Bunce, United Kingdom


April 2014

Dear Matt and Kim,

We previously used a lawyer, but our partnership application was refused - we didn't understand why? So we were referred to Gibbs Immigration by a friend who had success with their application through Gibbs Immigration. Now I wish we had come to see you at the got us the success we needed and quickly, too. We definitely recommend Gibbs Immigration to everyone!

- Pisey Leng (Cambodia) & Sopheak Ban

April 2014

Our friends referred us to Kim at Gibbs Immigration to help with a family visitor visa. She was really quick, no hassles and her fee was really reasonable.  We just gave her all the documents she asked for, and she did it all.  We totally recommend Gibbs Immigration!!

- D. Thach, New Zealand


May 2014

We decided on Gibbs Immigration after having a thorough search online. We felt very comfortable after meeting Kim, who helped set our mind at ease as ours was not a standard application. We both felt Kim was genuinely interested in helping us, and she kept us informed every step of the way, finally phoning us to say our application had been accepted. We both appreciate Kim's effects and can't thank her enough for her assistance in the outcome.
- Lien and Andrew

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